Field Schools

Field schools are a classic means for students of anthropology to gain valuable experience in the field. Be sure to look into these programs well in advance of when you plan to participate, as registration deadlines are usually many months prior to program start dates.

NAPA-OT Field School Guatemala

Most summers, the NAPA-OT Field School based in Antigua, Guatemala nurtures leaders in medical and applied anthropology and occupational therapy to promote social justice. Small groups of students work intensively in clinical and community settings gaining skill in research, observation, communication, and transdisciplinary collaboration. Within small groups integrating students from occupational therapy and anthropology backgrounds, participants have the opportunity to spend focused research time with faculty in water sustainability, pediatric practice, and short-term medical missions.

Seminars emphasize critical theories in applied medical anthropology, approaches to social and occupational justice, and human rights. Students also study Spanish one-on-one with individual instructors at their own level and pace. Living in a home stay increases language fluency and understanding of Guatemalan culture.

The deadline for registration is typically early in the year prior to the summer program. Visit the NAPA-OT Field School website for more details.

If the NAPA field school is not a good match for you, check out other opportunities on the AAA website.

Listings of Cultural/Ethnographic Field Schools                                                                     

Notre Dame:
Colby College:

Listings of Archaeology/Paleontology Field Schools                                                               

Archaeological Institute of America:
R. Joe’s Shovelbums:
ShovelBum Index:

Listings of Physical Anthropology Field Schools                                                                           
Smithsonian Institution: (scroll down page for links)
Canadian Association of Physical Anthropology:

Welcome To NAPA

The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology is a membership organization for those who apply and practice anthropology in a range of contexts, whether as practitioners, academics, or students. NAPA was founded in 1983 to promote the interests of practicing anthropologists and further the practice of anthropology as a profession.


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Individual Field Schools

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