The Concealed Utility of Theory In Business

Anthropologists serve as interlocutors of diverse cultural paradigms, interrogating, recontextualizing, and ultimately enmeshing them in a “rigorous formulation” to close the gaps in divergent models and language practices between business and anthropology. It is unfortunate, then, that theory and analysis is rarely ever given its due credit in business domains.

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Vote in AAA & NAPA Elections

Dear NAPA Members: All AAA and Section elections are now underway.  We have several members running for AAA and NAPA positions.  Please vote ASAP. Voting is simple. All members need

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Welcome To NAPA

The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology is a membership organization for those who apply and practice anthropology in a range of contexts, whether as practitioners, academics, or students. NAPA was founded in 1983 to promote the interests of practicing anthropologists and further the practice of anthropology as a profession.


AnthroJob of the Week

AnthroJob of the Week, 5 April 2019

A job posting with a very short time window recently popped up. It’s the kind of job that not enough anthropologists get involved with, which is a shame. If the time was ever right for anthropologists to be Foreign Service Officers, it’s probably now. So the position is a Foreign Affairs Officer, located in the […]

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It goes without saying that the job market for academic anthropologists is bleak given the number of PhDs looking for jobs at universities and colleges. On top of this, a recent article in American Anthropologist highlighted the fact US academic anthropology mostly hires anthropologists from 15 PhD-granting programs, while there are many more high quality training programs that offer a doctorate in anthropology. Ugh! NAPA is the ideal home for both academic and practicing anthropologists who want to train the next generation of applied anthropologists or who want to work with CBOs and NGOs, government, or in the private sector…  READ MORE >>

Annals of Anthropological Practice

AnthroTalks Podcast

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  • 3. Waiting in line
    Have you ever gotten in line and waited... not sure if you were in the right place? Not sure what is going on up front? Waiting. It's unremarkable. You don't give it much thought. Until you have to! We talked to lots of people who have to think about waiting. Here's what they said.
  • 2. Learning new stuff
    No two people learn new stuff the same way. Over the years, those with opportunity have followed a path set by society’s standard bearers. Others learn from those around them, in hands-on experiences and apprenticeships. This podcast takes a meditative stroll across several generations to think about how we learn new stuff. Can we chart […]
  • 1. Dressing the part
    We humans dress to "fit" in. Sometimes fitting in is a choice, other times it’s a matter of safety and security, and yet not fitting can also be deliberate. This podcast digs deep into how we make decisions about how to dress to suit different occasions.
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National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA)
National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA)

Dear Colleagues, This is the second call for a theme issue of She Ji on Design Knowledge in the
Era of Environmental Collapse. The guest editors welcome proposals and suggestions. They will respond to potential authors by May 15th, and final
Submissions will be due on September 1st. Sincerely, Ken Friedman

Acute environmental crisis is the primary problem of the future. The pervasive exploitation of the environment leads to severe degradation of habitats unprecedented levels of animal suffering, mass species extinction, and the collapse of multiple ecosystems. Human activities expand beyond the...