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Bridging Ethnography and Data Analytics together to design Employee Experience.

Matt Artz is an anthropologist, artist, and activist who advocates for the responsible design of human-centered technologies. He is the Head of Product & Experience at Cloushadow Consulting, the Founder and Principal Researcher at Azimuth Labs, and the Founder and Career Coach at Anthro to UX.

His current business and design anthropology research focuses on the benefits and risks of consumer DNA testing. To learn more about his research, you can watch his TEDx Talk titled Are DNA Tests Safe?. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

For inquiries, contact Matt.

Logan McLaughlin is a digital anthropologist and research consultant based in Austin, Texas who works primarily in the esports and gaming spaces. His work engages with teams, event organizers, esports organizations and outside companies interested in the gaming space. Logan received his M.S. in Applied Anthropology from the University of North Texas in 2016.

Angela Ramer has spent the past six years at HKS, a global architecture and design firm, headquartered in Dallas, TX. Her work spans human experience across educational, entertainment and workplace environments. She received her M.S. in Applied Anthropology from the University of North Texas in 2014.

Molly Rempe is a Senior UX Researcher at Cognizant Accelerator in Boulder, CO. She obtained her M.S. in Applied Anthropology at the University of North Texas in 2015.