Communications Committee

Maintain and evaluate the NAPA website, blogs, list serv, and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn); develop other efforts by NAPA to communicate with its members and with the larger practitioner community. Develop promotional materials as needed.

NAPA Communications Committee Members

Joshua Liggett

Deputy Chair: 

AnthroCurrents: On Hiatus
AnthroJob of the Week: Open
New blogger development: Open

Newsletter Editors:
Jacqueline Cortez, Senior Editor

Contributing Editors: Brandon McClure, Natalie Cox, Amanda Jo (AJ) Wildey, Allison Formanac, and Marcella Zulla

Podcast Series: Open

Print Media Coordinator: Amanda Tack

Social Media Coordinators:
Zelda Harrison

                      Sophie Goodman

Amanda Woomer
Bethany Grove
Ryan Logan

Keith Kellersohn

Special Projects Coordinator: 
Ana Belen Conrado

Website Developer: 
Brandon Meyer

Website Section Editor(s): 
Terry Redding

AAA Communities Page: Open

Robbie Murie

Advisory Board: 
Elizabeth Briody, Alexandra Mack, Susan Squires, and Christina Wasson

Welcome To NAPA

NAPA promotes human-centered work applied to practical problems by linking a network of professional anthropologists working across employment sectors.  We support all anthropologists in bringing real solutions to communities, organizations, and policymakers, by offering advocacy, information, networks, mentoring, and continuing education.


AnthroJobs Of The Week

AnthroJobs of the Week, 21 October 2021

Hello Readers, we’re back! We have a couple of interesting positions at the Department of Interior and Hanover Research. Check them out!  The U.S. Department of the Interior protects and

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