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AnthroCurrents — October 18, 2016

Anthropologist Bloggers WantedFellow anthropologist bloggers (and aspiring bloggers), note two opportunities to expand your reach: Anthropology News is looking for columnists to address “hot topics” in the news. Send a 300-word pitch by October 21st. The Guardian is expanding the scope of their science blog network to include archaeology and anthropology. Proposals, or nominations of colleagues, from any sub-discipline are

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2016: Tom Greaves

NAPA’s first Volunteer of the Year awardee is Tom Greaves, who has served as the coordinator for the NAPA Mentor Match program for several years. If you are planning to attend the Minneapolis meeting, come to the NAPA Business Meeting on Friday evening to help celebrate! Tom chose anthropology (initially archaeology) as a life career at age 13 by volunteering

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AnthroCurrents – October 4, 2016

A roundup of Anthropology in the News for September 2016. On the National SceneAnthropologists and the American Anthropological Association are among those opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. CNN continues to offer its version of “political anthropology” of the US election season, this time on Long Island. Still no anthropologists in sight. The Army War College cemetery in Carlisle, PA, contains

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AnthroCurrents–September 20, 2016

What are some of the other websites and blogs that track anthropology-in-the-news and practicing anthropology? Here are some “highly cited” places on the web to follow. All of the sites and blogs below may be followed on Twitter, some on Facebook or other social media, and some offer weekly email subscriptions. While you are at it, follow us on Twitter

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AnthroCurrents–September 6, 2016

Welcome back to the academy, students and faculty! As we watch Labor Day in the rearview mirror, the northern hemisphere’s colleges and universities are all in full operation. Our “back to school special” is a list of all the subfields of, or application of, cultural “anthropology” that we found published during the month of August (without duplicating our posts on

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AnthroCurrents — August 23, 2016

The Olympics just ended, the American presidential election campaigns are in full swing, and academic anthropologists are returning to the classroom after summer travel and research. But today let’s focus on how practicing anthropologists are raising the profile of our discipline in the business and corporate world. Maia Green (U. of Manchester) reviews The Silo Effect: Why Every Organisation Needs

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AnthroCurrents — August 9, 2016

Thank you to Mella Baker for reminding us that not all anthropologist heroes are white and male. Welcome to anthropology! I haven’t looked at the demographics of our field recently, but I assume we still have a ways to go before the American profession better reflects the general population. American Presidential Politics Our last post looked at possible anthropological explanations

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AnthroCurrents – July 26, 2016

American Presidential Politics Earlier this month Brexit was THE topic in the American media. NOW it is presidential politics. How would anthropologists explain the popularity of Donald Trump? There are several possibilities: An historian offers Emile Durkheim‘s “collective efferevescence,” but that seems a bit one-dimensional. A religious studies professor argues that anthropologist James Frazer‘s discussion of magicians and kings in

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AnthroCurrents – July 12, 2016

Anthropologists Comment on Brexit and Other Policy Issues Social Anthropology/Athropologie Sociale and Allegra Laboratory partnered to provide a forum for over two dozen anthropologists to comment on Brexit. They published extracts on July 1st and expect to post the full texts by July 15th. To add to the mix, Vidya Venkat, a staff journalist for The Hindu, returns to her fieldwork in anthropology to comment on Brexit. David Vine, Assistant Professor of

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AnthroCurrents — June 28, 2016

Practicing Anthropology from the South Pole to Wall Street Our colleagues are using ethnography to study the interchange between scientific expertise and policy-making at the South Pole, to make visible the invisible sanitation workers of New York City, and to understand the people inside the faceless “market” of Wall Street (Marketplace returns to Karen Ho’s research (Liquidated, 2009) for their

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AnthroCurrents – June 14, 2016

Anthropology, Gender, Bodies, and Bathrooms Despite what some may think, “feminist biology” has little to do with genitalia envy.  Anthropologist Caroline VanSickle, a postdoctoral fellow in feminist biology, is more interested in how our cultural assumptions about gender distort our view of human evolution. In the US, gender and genitalia remain controversial for those concerned about which genders share bathroom

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AnthroCurrents – May 31, 2016

From the Field (Where Else?) We do get around. Leave it to anthropologists to support adding insects to the American diet (see photo),  to defend mosquitoes in our built environment, to appreciate the role of elves in Icelandic history and highway construction planning, and to compliment the quality of footprint casts made by Bigfoot hunters in Appalachia (but remain mum

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