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AnthroCurrents June 21, 2017

Have you heard of netnography?  Are we limiting culture to digital means or are we expanding the definition of cultural artefacts? Is Instagram the new cultural landscape?  What role does big data play in anthropology?  I found this both fascinating and dubious. Slow Anthropology in the Age of Trump. Going on a summer road trip?  Check out this bucket list

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AnthroCurrents June 7, 2017

If you haven’t yet, you should check out the new season of the Invisibila podcast.  The first 2 episodes feature Renato Rosaldo and his discovery of a new emotion. One anthropologist photographs the bathtub marys of Sommerville, Massachusetts. Business anthropologist Martha Bird shares her perspective on what anthropology brings to designing new technologies.  Do you think anthropology lends itself to

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AnthroCurrents May 24, 2017

Fixing corruption is just one of many results a new development consulting firm in Bangladesh has accomplished.  The startup boasts anthropology and design thinking are the keys to sustainable solutions to real-life problems.  Pretty cool. This article is basically saying you can get a degree in anthropology…as long as you work in computer science rather than education.  Mostly for the

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AnthroCurrents May 10, 2017

  Ever heard of neurodiversity?  Anthropologists are studying how workplace culture, norms and beliefs are changing to be more inclusive of autistic employees. Anthropologist T. N. Pandit shares a heartfelt reflection of regret by for his role in encouraging remote hunter-gatherer tribes of the Andaman Islands contact with the outside world. For those of you getting ready to graduate soon,

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AnthroCurrents April 27, 2017

Ugandan anthropologist and activist Stella Nyanzi was arrested for cyber harassment when the government changed their minds about giving free sanitary pads to girls who miss school during their period because they cannot afford them. This haunting exhibit of items U.S.-Mexico border crossers leave behind forces visitors to see the ‘contemporary calamity’ we many times find easier to ignore. Anthropologist

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Empathy of Anthropology — anthro/studio

The number one rule in practicing anthropology is to be empathetic. This rule is incredibly important in today’s technological landscape. As we get increasingly intimate with our devices, work places, and institutions, producers are beginning to employ empathy —— often under a process called human-centered design. The popularity of this “innovative” design philosophy made me wonder: what were they designing around

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AnthroCurrents April 12, 2017

Have you ever been wished happy birthday by your ATM? Genevieve Bell, leading tech anthropologist has.  And she says it’s creepy. Check out some fieldwork in action as anthropologist Sarah Lamb interviews 105 year-old Agnes Mullay. When death becomes political.  Kristian Tamtomo reflects on Geertz & Greek tragedies. Finally, more anthropologists are getting political, including Jane Goodall, an Iowa professor

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Anthrocurrents March 29, 2017

Well, it’s the end of March and many anthropologists have made their way to Santa Fe for SfAA.  (Yay alliteration!)  However, others decided not to come amid uncertainty and fear with the immigration ban. Should we be thanking kiwis and kumquats for our large brains? Or hop on the primal diet bandwagon since subsistence diets are heart healthy? I’ve seen

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AnthroCurrents March 15, 2017

Linguistic anthropologist Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein refutes the demonization of “filler words” such as “like” or “um”.  She outlines how these discourse markers matter for social interaction and that attempts to banish such words are really a bias against women and younger generations who are assumed to use them more frequenlty. Anthropology professor turned politician? While an anthropologist didn’t write this article,

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Heroism of Anthropology — anthro/studio

Human centered design and design thinking are on the up and up. Consultancies, agencies, and industries worldwide are finally understanding the power of a human centered research process. There is no shortage of kitschy case studies that highlight the value of this approach. My favorite is the story of a hospital system that was years behind on converting to a

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AnthroCurrents March 1, 2017

Dr. Paul Stoller is asking American society to think about creating a more inclusive set of cultural values that accounts for our diverse and even still rapidly diversifying society. Gotta find them all?  Anthropologists have partnered with a computer scientist to design a facial recognition system for… LEMURS! Sociologist Sarah Thorton uses ethnography to document the art world. What do

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AnthroCurrents February 15, 2017

Will you be participating in anthropology day tomorrow?  I look forward to the surge of stories about anthropology and anthropologists in the news.  If you’re a practitioner and you’re publishing something—please send us a note, we’d love to feature you! Who’s asking whom to be their valentine? Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher of reports that men want women to make

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